8 Things to do in 4 days in Marrakech

When you think of Marrakech don’t you immediately get a picture of a fairytale from a thousand and one nights? Or are you one of these persons who are afraid that it will be their biggest nightmare to be continually harassed by persistent Moroccans. We dare to say that only the first will be the case when you use our tips to your advantage. We have also included a detailed travel plan for 4 days which you will love!

We have heard so many different stories about Marrakech. So read here how to get the most out of it!


Tips for walking around in the Medina

It is really possible to take photos of most places and people. However, nobody really appreciates it if you put them on camera without their prior consent. So it really helps to just ask kindly and smile a lot. Chances are you will be allowed to make a photo in 90% of the time.

We have read in quite a few blogs that merchants, henna women and snake people can be very intrusive. We had therefore prepared ourselves for the worst. However, we really did not experience any annoying cases. And we actually walked around with two blondes who had not covered their hair (shoulders and knees were though).

The golden tip? Just chat a bit and ask if you are allowed to make a photo.


It is incredible how much can actually be done in and around Marrakech. You could say that 4 days is too little, but we think it’s great to go for several times for 4 days. Because 4 days is perfect when it comes to diversity and the heat. Do you want to know what we have done? Then read on.

1. Visit a beautiful Riad and get tips and perhaps a tour of a Dutch who lives in Morocco.

What could be better than getting information from a dutch woman living in Morocco. We found it invaluable to get to know Leonie. Not only is she incredibly sweet, she cares perfectly for her guests. No one can explain better what is ‘done’ and ‘not done’ as a european woman in Marrakech.

We laughed with her and she tells you every funny trick from the books of the Medina salesmen. They couldn’t confuse us anymore haha.
You can book her beautiful Riad here (rated with a 9.1 on Booking.com):
Riad Dar Vima
Adres: Sidi ben slimane Kaa Sour n29, Medina, 40000 Marrakech, Marokko
Approx. € 45-60 per night
Book on Booking.com
Instagram: @ riad.dar.vima
If you use this link to book, you’ll receive a € 15 discount at Booking.com. The best thing is that we also get € 15, -.

2. Relax in the world’s finest spa in La Mamounia

The most beautiful spa in the world can be found in Boutique hotel ‘La Mamounia’. We recommend to book in advance because they take only limited guests who don’t sleep in the hotel. The whole hotel is pure art. The courtyard is one of the most beautiful we have seen in Marrakech. But in the end you visit for the beautiful luxury pool. It’s a place straight from a fairy tale.

3. Fresh juice drink on El Fna

The square of El Fna is probably exactly how you would picture Morocco. Around you you’ll find a rush of buzz and vendors, henna women and snake people who all want your attention. The square is surrounded by (food) cafes and you can find a nice high spot to see it all. What you should not miss on the square are the fresh juices. For 10 dirham you have no less than 4 fresh orange juice. Converted that is 1 US Dollar in total!

4. Chilling at the pool of a beautiful villa

It’s hot. Very hot in Marrakech. Discovering the beautiful Medina is nice and the shadow ensures that it is actually doable with these temperatures. Nevertheless, we recommend that you have access to a swimming pool for at least 2 of the 4 days. In some Riads you might not be able to dive in, so it’s better to think of a nice Villa just outside the city center. We were in a spacious villa with a private pool and Jacuzzi, home Hammam and beautiful flower garden where we could relax and escape the Medina. Leonie can also book this for you. Villa Dar Cecilia is really a dream.
N9, 40023 Chouiter, Marokko

5. Watch, watch and not buy in the Soukh’s

You won’t believe your eyes in the Soukh’s. However, there are so many wonderful items for sale that you should not be too afraid to engage in conversation. This is Morocco and you can negotiate here. Try to just have fun too while at it. Do you fancy some tasty herbs? You can easily ask what they cost. Our experience is that they left us alone as soon as we showed that we decided we did not want it anyway.

6. Sleep in beautiful Riad’s

What you absolutely must do is to book a Riad instead of a hotel. Riad’s are beautiful traditional Moroccan palaces with an atrium or courtyard. The word riad comes from the Arabic word ryad (رياض) which means garden.
We have visited the following beautiful Riads:

  • Riad Ole Spa

  • Riad Palais Sebban

  • Riad BE

  • Riad Dar Vima (is also on number 1 of things to do.

If you use this link to book, you’ll receive a € 15 discount at Booking.com. The best thing is that we also get € 15, -.

7. Lunch in the most beautiful places

One of the nicest places to have lunch is, frankly, not one of the surrounding eateries of El Fna square, but you can find it at Riad BE. Their roof terrace is a beautiful terrace garden and there is also a cute little turtle running around.

8. Visit the hidden gardens of Jardin Secret

Jardin Secret means as much as the hidden gardens. They are actually hidden and many times tourists can’t find it. We understand as you will have to move through the labyrinth called the Medina. However, we used a smart GPS app ( Maps.me ) that really had info at the tiniest streets. Smart tip: Make sure you download an offline map.

Don’t get lost? Smart tip: Make sure you pre download an offline map in the Maps.me App


Do not do these in your first 4 days, but it’s fun:

(We’ll do this the next time we are there)
  • Jardin Majorelle (a little bit overrated)
  • Camel Tour
  • Quad Bike Riding
  • Quarzate / Aït Benhaddou
  • Ouzoud waterfalls
  • Sleep in the desert in a tent camp

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