All you need to know before you visit Jordan and Petra – FAQ

The ultimate guide to everything we wanted to know when we were planning our trip to Jordan.

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Jordan is a beautiful country, but there is a good chance that your friends and family have a lot of questions. TRAVELMONSTER

Frequently asked questions Jordan

Is it safe?

Jordan is 100% safe. Your family and friends are perhaps worried and this is probably because Jordan is next to Syria. It is mistakenly seen as unsafe because of it by many people. We did not feel unsafe for a moment. Judith didn’t even cover her hair and we were also walking through the center of Madaba with just the two of us. We were only asked once if we needed a taxi. The population is very friendly and is very happy with tourists. We wouldn’t recommend to visit the border area with Syria though. However, everything you want to see isn’t close to the border. So do not  let it stop you to visit this beautiful country.

How long do you have to go?

We have been in Jordan for 8 days. This was perfect for us. We have done a lot in these days. Would you prefer a little more rest in your trip than we recommend to go 1.5 up to a maximum of 2 weeks. We are also not divers, and you can do this perfectly in Aqaba  should you want to have a longer trip.

What are the best months to visit Jordan?

The best months in terms of temperature are March to May and October and November. These months are also high season for Jordan. Jordan is still a hidden gem so you will not come across big tourist crowds. In Petra though it can be very crowded in these months.

We have visited Jordan in August, which was very hot and more or less around 35 degrees Celsius. . Lucky for us we can both handle the heat pretty well so this was not a big problem. The best thing is that because it is low season in August it was relatively quiet in Petra. This gives you extremely good photo opportunities. The ideal travel time for Jordan can be determined by what you consider the most important. We found August perfect!

What kind of clothes should I wear?

It is very important to adapt your clothes to the culture in Jordan. This generally means that you have to cover your shoulders and knees as a woman. We saw some tourists that were walking around in shorts. The population does not say anything about this but finds it inappropriate. Because we like to adapt to the culture of the countries we visit Judith wore long skirts and harem pants. We visited Jordan in August so the temperatures were very high. Then thin fabrics come in handy. Mark generally wore shorts with a polo shirt. A useful tip for ladies is to take a thin scarf, this is multifunctional so you never feel uncomfortable about your clothes.

Can you fly with a drone?

No, unfortunately, this is not possible. To take a drone in Jordan you need a permit. We have made several attempts to get this. Unfortunately, this did not work. We made several attempts and provided a lot of information and identification information with no succes. I personally would not spend too much time on this.

Can I rent a car?

It is possible to rent a car in Jordan and drive around with it yourself.

However, we opted for a car with a driver so that we could travel through the country in a more relaxed setting. In retrospect, we could also have driven ourselves. What is really nice about a driver though is that you immediately have a resident / guide with you so you can learn a lot about the country.

Is it easy to find an ATM?

Yes there are enough ATM’s available. Only when you visit the Wadi Rum desert is it important to have some money on you because you can not find an ATM in the desert. Duh.

Can I travel with a suitcase?

Yes, this is no problem at all. Because you travel with a car, the suitcases can be easily transported.

What places should I not miss?

With dot on number 1 is of course Petra, one of the seven world wonders. Fantastic place where you can spend days. We have been there two days and an evening at Petra by Night which is certainly worth it. Little Petra is fun to visit the day before you go to Petra. This is great to get an indication of what awaits you the next day.

Petra – The treasury is fantastic

Number 2 was the Wadi Rum dessert for us. Here we slept in a desert camp in the desert. This was a special experience that we can recommend to everyone. In the Wadi Rum dessert there are some nice places where we have been cruised with a jeep and our own Bedouin driver.

Wadi Rum has this beautiful red sand

Number 3 Canyoneering through the Wadi Mujib is gorgeous. Judith has a good tip: wear shoes with a profile, otherwise your feet will slip all the time!

The Wadi Mujib canyon is great

Number 4 you can not miss the Dead Sea. This was a special experience for us. Mark was rather skeptical about the fact if you would really float very easily. It was hilarious when we found out that you can’t actually do anything but float. It’s a special experience that can be taken off the bucket list with a visit to Jordan.

Other places of interest that are worth the effort:

– Diving in Aqaba

– Jeronimo

– Mount Nebo

– Kings road along Wadi Mujib gorge

Is it expensive?

Jordan is slightly cheaper than the Netherlands in terms of food and drink, but this does not save much. In terms of accommodations, the whole depends on how luxurious you want to travel. We have always stayed in 2/3 * star hotels. This was fine for us and really very clean. Because we have been traveling a lot, we have slept almost exclusively in the rooms. Our reference framework is normally 4 and 5 star hotels. We had not been in a 3-star hotel for years. So you can safely believe that it was fine here.

Which hotels do you recommend?

Below the hotels that we advise. Use our discount link from

€ a maximum of € 60 pn

€€ a maximum of € 80 pn

€€€ more than € 80 pn


Mosaic City

Nice hotel well located and super clean. No exaggerated luxury but you have everything you need.


Amra Palace 

Lovely beds and a short distance from Petra. Room was small but everything was there.

Petra Guesthouse €€

Next to the entrance gate of Petra so the location is ideal, nice hotel.

Mövenpick Resort Petra €€€

Opposite the entrance gate of Petra. Most luxurious hotel in Petra lovely hotel with great food.

Wadi Rum Desert:

There are several tent camps that are fine. They all look alike. Read the reviews and choose one through booking. We were in Al Zawaideh Desert Camp. You also have clean showers and electricity to charge your cameras etc.

Where to eat in Jordan?


Restaurant Haret Jdoudna €€

Best restaurant we have eaten in Jordan. Delicious dishes in a beautiful location.

Really recommended.

Restaurant Jaw Zaman €€

Delicious dishes and a nice atmosphere definitely worth a night to eat.


Al-Wadi Restaurant €€

Fine restaurant in Petra after a long day of hiking.

Time Out 

Tasty and inexpensive simple eaten fine tent.

Which route can I take?

We will explain our route in a separate article.

How do I get to the most beautiful places in Petra?

We will also explain this in a separate article.

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