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About Coron

Coron can be found north of Palawan. This archipelago is located about 150 km from El Nido. Coron is known for its great limestone rock formations and is home to some of the most crystal clear waters in the world. Coron Town much like El Nido isn’t a place where you will spend a lot of time or learn to love. It’s the boat tours to the islands close that makes your trip worth your while.

How to get to Coron

How to get to Coron is not the hardest thing to figure out. We took a flight from Manila and flew with Cebu Pacific to Busuanga. If you are afraid of flying, the Philippines are probably not your best choice. But it’s definitely the fastest way to island hop. And to be honest we’ve had flights with several airlines and actually enjoyed all of them. We even had a heli flight but more about that later.

The thing that is not for the faint of hearts is the way they drive a mini van. When we landed on Busuanga you are on the wrong side of the island.

you can do it faster
No Google, it’s clearly 40 minutes

As you can see it’s a 65 minute drive. But they will get you there in 40 minutes max. We didn’t have our transport prearranged but you won’t have to. There are no taxi’s waiting there but instead they fill mini vans for a fixed fee depending on your hotel destination. I think ours was 250 pesos per person. We were headed for La Natura Resort which is absolutely the #1 Accommodation in Coron City. Well actually it’s a little outside Coron City and in the middle of the jungle. But if you don’t love this place it’s better to stay home.

It’s definitely worthwhile to read up before you go. It can really improve your Philippines experience.Travelmonster Tip


Before you will get to La Natura Resort at some point your Formula 1 minivan driver will decide to take a hard left.. Whoah and you’re going deep into the jungle.

We kind of knew this was coming as we read reviews of this place but it’s definitely a tight road. Especially when you have oncoming traffic in the form of Tricycles. You will probably learn pretty quickly what a tricycle is as soon as you are in the Philippines. But in a case you are really wondering, in essence it’s a moped that had sex with a tuktuk and can and will be used by the locals as a moving truck haha.

#1 Accommodation in Coron

At the end of the road they drop you at this gorgeous place that made us think about all those beautiful places Bali has to offer. It is much more than what we could have hoped for as the tourism here isn’t nearly as developed as it is in Indonesia. In case you are wondering, they do have wifi but chances are you won’t even be able to send a ‘safely landed’ via Whatsapp. Lucky for you it’s so beautiful you’re going to embrace the offline time. Their rooms are great, the garden and pool are just as great.

And to top it off they even have a tree house. And Mark kind of has a thing for these. Boys will be boys.

We explored the area just outside of the resort and ended up playing with 4 Filipino kids who were asking all kinds of questions in pretty good english. They even put up a show with their jumps and flips from the bridge into the river. What a lovely way to start our trip.

Alcohol is cheap

We were lucky enough to meet up with two friends from our hometown in the Netherlands who already traveled through the Philippines for 3 and a half week and gave us so much valuable information. That evening we learned from our friends that San Miguel light was the way to go because it only had 100kcal and was very good at the same time. Win-win. We learned alcohol was super cheap. So cheap in fact that a double Rum Cola was cheaper than a single Rum Cola because the Cola was more expensive, can you believe that. That is just crazy talk.

But probably the best tip was to go to the fishermen harbor the next day to negotiate a private boat. For just 2700 pesos and 500 pesos for the guide you decide where to go! Bingo!

We will tell you how that went in the next one.


Our accommodation:
La Natura Resort
Address: Barangay 6, Kapayas, Mabintangen Rd, Coron, 5316 Palawan, Philippines
Telefoon: +63 999 995 6016
You can book on and use our $15,00 discount

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