Sailing Trip Mallorca with Inadventures Travel

Ship Ahoy! Are you familiar with the boat life? – until some weeks ago we were not. But we have got the great opportunity to set sail for a big adventure. In May we spent 4 amazing days on a sailing trip around the beautiful island of Mallorca with Inadventurestravel.

Inadventurestravel is a new sailing company in Mallorca. They organize sailing trips of 4 days in which adventure, yoga, culinary organic food, detox and nature stand central. For 3 nights the beautiful Hanse575 (luxury sailing boat) will be your sailing home away from home.
With the most fantastic Pau Bordoy aka Jack Sparrow as your captain.

Wondering if a sailing trip is for you? Read further about our experience to make up your mind!


Our beautiful Sailing boat – the Hanse575

Once you arrive at the Mallorca airport, a taxi ride of more or less 20 minutes will take you to the port where the beautiful sailing boats of Inadventurestravel are waiting. These are not just regular boats but brand new sailing yachts with everything you would hope for. Our room (read cabin) was cozy but we had enough space to store all our belongings. After getting acquainted with the staff and the other guests we sailed out of the port of Palma de Mallorca. It immediately gave us a wonderful free feeling and the mood was so relaxed.

The Hanse575 is a beautiful sailing boat which has room for 4 bedrooms for 2 persons. In addition, there is still a room for the captain and a double bed for the cooks of course. The bedrooms are pretty small though which makes sense on a boat where space is limited. Yet there is plenty of closet space. Obviously it’s better to leave your big suitcases at home. On the boat you will find 3 toilets with a hand shower and there is also a separate full shower. Our favorite place on the ship was on top of the deck. It is wonderful to sit there and watch over the sea with a nice breeze going through your hair..

Which route do you take?

Experience Mallorca in a surprising and new way

We have been to Mallorca before but you will see Mallorca in new ways by going everywhere by boat. Many places are not easily reached by car and some are only accessible by sailing there. We therefore had no idea how beautiful some parts of Mallorca were. It really shines like nothing else.
From the sea the island is just that more beautiful. The water is incredibly blue with heavy shades of dark blue in sharp contrast with the bright light blue that we only knew from the Maldives. The steep rocks on the coast provide the best photo opportunities. While on this route you will pass the more quiet ‘hidden gems’ of Mallorca. And like so many times the less touristic places are more beautiful. Think of totally empty bays with private beaches that are only accessible from the sea and for example the Cabrera national park where you can hike to an incredible viewpoint.

The activities on the boat

During the sailing trip there are several adventures (excursions) that are included in the program.
Standup paddling/Kayak sunset tour
Enjoy paddling around in the water while you watch the sunset. Wonderfully soothing and yet also a workout! Everyone wins.
Badasses also climb in the mast
Not only does it produce great pictures. It is also quite exciting because you move a lot because of the wind this high up.


In our opinion, this was the coolest activity. Before we could go absailing we had to hike there. Make sure you can take your time here because this environment is really fantastic. So Instagrammable! The absailing is very exhilarating! When you touch ground again you are left on a plateau. From there you have to make a cliffjump in the sea. Adrenaline boost!

Cave exploring

After absailing we entered a cave. This was actually pretty spectacular. You will have to go through a small opening to enter the cave. The waves of the sea ensure that you have to get your timing right when you go through the opening. But the crew made sure that everyone safely entered the cave in no time. This cave is so beautiful with all the stalactites on the ceiling while you move through the water.
Yoga on a boat or on the beach
In the morning you will get a Yoga class from the fantastic Dav Jones. This contortionist can do things that are not possible for the normal mortal.
We have done a short fun hike in Cabrera national park. It was great to occasionally get your feet on the ground and to hike in between because you can not move too much on the boat.
For the adrenalin junkies among us really a nice experience to jump off the beautiful rocks.
Wine tasting
During the fantastic food we have been able to taste new wines both locally from Mallorca and from Spain. It tasted great with the dishes.

Food to feast

The highlight of the sailing trip is the fantastic Chef Xavi on board. He knows how to serve the most fantastic dishes from the madurodam kitchen of the boat. Everything is organic and healthy and the chosen flavours are fantastic together. Below is an example of a daily menu:
Smoothie bowl with toppings (fresh fruit, almonds, roasted coconut)
Toasted gluten free bread with avocado or serrano ham
Towards fruit
Detox smoothie

Zucchini / cucumber gazpacho
Seafood paella

Crackers with hummus
Vegetable wrap
Quinoa in avocado tabbouleh
Nuts and date truffle
While I am writing, I already get hungry!

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

When are the next sailing trips planned?

The next sailing trip is planned on:
1st till 4th September
4th till 7th September

What are the costs of the sailing trip?

This depends on whether you want to go alone or together.
See the options below:

  • If you want to do the trip by yourself and want to share the bedroom with another traveler, then the rate is:
    € 1500, – per person
  • When you come alone and you want your own bedroom:
    € 2300, – per person
  • When you come as a couple:
    € 1350, – per person

These are the regular prices but we have a nice discount code for you:
15% discount with the discount code TRAVELMONSTER.NL

Will you get sick on board ?:

I have been car sick from a young age at literally every form of transport. We were really wondering whether the sailing trip would not turn into an I-feel-ill trip. I can tell you from my own experience that I didn’t experience sickness. The sea was calm and the waves were fine. I have hardly had any problems with real nausea. Make sure you are well prepared when you have the chance to suffer from seasickness.

What should I bring ?:

It is wise to bring a soft bag instead of a hard suitcase, which is difficult to store on the boat. In addition, it is useful to bring enough swimsuits with a bath towel and a cardigan for the evening. Mosquito spray should not be missed in your bag, you will really need it. We had two leather bags from

What is included?:

The price includes all the activities, even the food and drinks.There are some optional activities though which you can find on the website of Inadventurestravel.

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