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Not nearly as famous as the Maldives, but still not completely unknown, is the archipelago of the Seychelles. It is a beautiful bounty location that, unlike the Maldives, is part of Africa and is located to the north of Madagascar. The capital is Victoria and you can find the international airport on the island called Mahé.

If you consider visiting the Seychelles, we fcompletely understand. It is truly the most beautiful location we have been to and we have some comparison by the Philippines and the Maldives. Also two beautiful locations of course, that you should visit once. Because the Seychelles are less known you will probably have some questions which we will try to answer below. We will also post more blogs about the fantastic places in the Seychelles later.

How many islands are part of the Seychelles?

The Seychelles consist of 115 islands. The main island is Mahé on which the capital Victoria is located. 90% of the population also lives in Mahé. The Seychelles has about 94,000 inhabitants and is the smallest country in Africa. Other well-known islands are Praslin and La Digue and Felicité.

What language do they speak on the Seychelles?

French, Creole and English. We have noticed that everyone speaks English extremely well. Which makes it so easy to communicate with the locals.

What is the best period to travel to the Seychelles?

We recommend visiting the Seychelles in the period from April to October. If you really want to go at the best time, choose June and July when it’s least rainy and you have the most hours of sunshine per day (8 hours).

How is the climate? How warm is it?

The weather on the Seychelles is fairly constant throughout the year. Temperature is around 27-30 degrees all year round. From December to April the wind is warm and humid and in general the sea is calm during this period. From May to September the wind is cooler and drier and the sea more restless. Throughout the year there can be a shower in the Seychelles where the months January to March are generally the wettest.

We have been in June and the weather was perfect. We had a day with some rain but the rest of the 9 days it was perfect! We were lucky to have the showers on the the day we left.

How long do you have to visit?

We have visited the Seychelles for 9 days. This is perfect to visit 3 different islands. If you want to experience everything in a slower tempo, you can easily entertain yourself for 14 days. We definitely want to return to visit the missed spots.

Is it safe?

Yes the Seychelles are totally safe. We did not feel unsafe for a moment. The population is friendly and helpful.

Is it expensive?

Yes, a trip to the Seychelles is not cheap. Because everything has to be imported you will have to break the bank. Of course, it depends on how you prefer to travel. There are big differences in the price classes of accommodation as well. You can find a hotel from € 150.00 per night but there are also hotels for € 1500.00 per night (or even more). The most beautiful resorts also have the most beautiful spots and beaches in many cases, so you won’t be able to seem them without being a guest.

Also the food is not cheap. For a hamburger and fries and salad you pay € 25 pretty fast. A small bottle of cola from the supermarket where the locals go as well costs you € 2.00 for a 0.5L. If you like Kikkoman Soya sauce for your Sushi you are invited to pay € 9.00 to get this holy salty water. If you are on a budget you are going to be unhappy.

To keep the costs for food a bit lower you can use takeaways that are a lot cheaper or rent an apartment where you can cook yourself. Also, there are often total package trips for about € 1400 for 10 days which includes flight and accommodation. You have to consider that you will be in 2.5 to 3 star hotels then. In our opinion if you do not go for luxury and are against high costs, you will get more value for money in Asia.

Can I fly with a drone?

Yes it is still possible to fly with your drone in the Seychelles. We can tell you this is so worth it!

What kind of food do they have on the Seychelles?

In the Seychelles you can find different types of restaurants. The offering is generally not small. Still you can always find a restaurant even though we used our hotel’s incredible cuisine all the time. The menu usually is aimed at Western dishes or seafood. Seafood is the only thing that does not have to be imported. You can also choose to eat Creole, this was frankly the tastiest dinner we had on the Six Senses although they obviously modify it a bit towards western taste for the hotel guests.

Transport in the Seychelles

Because the Seychelles beauty can be found on different islands you will have to move from island to island. You can do this by ferry or by plane. We chose the latter because this was cheaper in our period, actually went faster and Judith igets seasick sometime. At every ferry departure point and airport, Taxis are waiting in case you have not already arranged a transfer. So there is no need to worry. You can also safely rent a car on the islands and drive around. But this is only possible on Mahé and Praslin.


The flights can be booked at Airseychelles


Always check the ferry website Cat Cocos

Private options

Helicopter or Private boat are also possible at many resorts. We had very luxurious resorts where all of this was included.

Where can you find an ATM?

In the Seychelles you can find them on every island. The currency is the Seychelles rupee.
€ 10 = 156 Seychelles rupee. The credit card can be used at almost all restaurants and hotels. We didn’t have much cash on us at any time.

Can I travel with a suitcase?

Yes, this is really easy. We had read on other blogs that this was not possible at all, but that is huge nonsense. It is very simple and your suitcase is simply moved from taxi to hotel wherever you go. If you travel to the hotel by public bus, I can imagine that you would find it easy to take a backpack with you.

What is the most beautiful place / the most beautiful beach on La Digue?

Our number 1 on La Digue is Anse Source d’Argent. This is a beautiful beach with the most beautiful granite rock formations. The nice thing about La Digue is that you can rent a bike to discover the island. The Petit Anse and Grand Anse beaches are also worth a visit. We will definitely write a separate article about La Digue.

What is the most beautiful place / the most beautiful beach on Praslin?

Anse Lazio has the most beautiful beaches in Praslin. They are rated even better than those on La Digue because there is no coral either. It makes it even easier for you to walk into the sea. In terms of looks La Digue narrowly had our preference but we have rented a car on Praslin to drive the island for a day and Anse Lazio was simply incredible. We will also write a separate blog about Praslin.

What is the best resort?

The two best resorts are Six Senses – Zil Pasyon and Four Seasons Seychelles. Six Senses is also located on the most beautiful island of the Seychelles where you can not come otherwise. Felicité is the island with the largest granite rock formations in the Seychelles. We did not want to miss it.

Six Senses – Zil Pasyon

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